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Here at Premier Dance Academy we believe in order to build strong dancers, you must start with a strong foundation in ballet training. We offer ballet for dancers starting at the age of 3. As they grow dancers will develop a strong sense of musicality, rhythm, balance, flexibility and technique. Dancers may be eligible to partake in R.A.D. exams under the teacher's discretion. As they get older dancers will be introduced into pointe work.



Jazz is a key discipline at Premier Dance Academy, our teachers are always updating themselves to provide the latest choreography! Every class is exciting and filled with jumps, turns, combos and choreography. We offer jazz to dancers starting at the age of 3.


Acro has become extremely popular in the recent years, it is a class that almost combines dance and gymnastics. A trained acro teacher leads the dancers in trying new tricks from cartwheels and somersaults, to more advance moves such as back walkovers, handsprings and ariels! Dancers move at a pace that feels safe and comfortable to them. Acro is great for developing and furthering flexibility. Acro is offered to dancers aged 6 and up  




Hip Hop


Contemporary is a new style of dance, that is a combination of modern and lyrical. New  movements, with harsher contractions and hits make up the basics of contemporary. Our teachers instil beautiful and motivating choreographer upon our students. We offer contemporary to intermediate and senior students, as part of their jazz classes. Junior students are introduced to contemporary as well as lyrical.

Tap is a great discipline for dancers to develop rhythm and musicality. Dancers will learn tap movements, steps and combinations. Tap is offered to students aged 6 and up.

Hip Hop is a very popular style of dance, as seen on many popular TV shows like "So You Think You Can Dance", and movies such as "Step Up" and "Street Dance". Hip Hop is a high energy class, that incorporates jazz funk and street dance into fun  combos and choreography! Hip Hop is offered to dancers aged 6 and up. 

Please refer to the studio dress code for all clothing and shoe requirements. 

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