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Recreational Class Descriptions 

Premier Dance Academy offers a great variety of classes for students who like to dance recreationally!!

Rec classes are a great opportunity for dancers to really focus on dance technique, learning new things and just having fun! We offer all disciplines of dance in recreational. Rec students are always welcome to audition for our competitive team if they want more performance opportunities and a competitive experience! Students are placed in their age groups, but it is always possible to switch them into a more challenging or less challenging class based on their ability!

*All classes must have a minimum of 3 students to run. Please see studio dress code for clothing and shoe requirements.

First Steps Ages 2-3
New this year for the little ones who just cant wait to dance! Our "First Steps" Class is an introduction to movement and dance. There is a  on pre ballet and jazz aspects, with a strong focus on creative movement and expression. This is a great way for our youngest dancers to get a start in the dance studio. A dance will be performed in the year end show. 30 minutes, once a week. 3 days to choose from!


Dancin' Tots Ages 3.5-4.5
Our "Danin' Tots" Class is an introduction to dance, rhythm and movement. This is a great way for our youngest dancers to gain experience in the dance studio. There is never a dull moment in this class! A dance will be performed in the year end show. 45 minutes, once a week. 3 days to choose from!

*This class is always very popular! Don't miss out!


Tiny Dancers Ages 5-6.5
Our most popular class at PDA is our "Tiny Dancers Class"!! This class is a combination class of Ballet, Jazz as well as a little bit of Tap!! This is a great way for our younger dancers to gain experience in multiple styles! Tiny dancers focus on rhythm, coordination and musicality, while developing flexibility and technique! There is a reason this is our most popular class. A dance will be performed in the year end show. 45 minutes, once a week. 3 days to choose from!
*Very popular and fills up quickly! Don't miss out!


Hip Hop Tumble Tot
Ages 5-7
New class!
We have added this class due to consistent interest in both Acro and Hip Hop! This combo class is an introduction to Acro and Hip Hop for our younger dancers. Students will learn the basics and introductory skills for both styles in each class.
A routine will be put together for the year end show. 
45 minutes once a week. 


Mini Classes: Ages 7-9

Classes available to our Mini dancers are:

Ballet (45 Min), Jazz (45 Min), Acro (45 Min) Hip Hop (30 Min) and Tap (30 Min)

All of our mini classes are high energy and jam packed with fun! All styles will focus on technique, strength and flexibility as well as learning dances to 

popular music! A dance will be performed in the year end show.

Jr./Inter Classes: Ages 10-14

Classes available to our Junior & Intermediate Dancers are: Ballet (30 min), Jazz (60 min), Hip Hop (60min) Tap (30 min), Lyrical/Contemporary (60 min), Musical Theatre (30min)

Our recreational classes move at a pace suitable to all dancers, we observe each dancer and focus on which students need a challenge and which ones need some extra guidance so that every dancer leaves class feeling encouraged! Every class includes flexibility, technique and strength training along with learning dances and a final routine to perform in the year end show. 

Teen Classes: Ages 16+

Classes available to our Teen Dancers are:

Jazz (45min) and Contemporary (45min)

These classes are perfect for teenagers wanting to keep up with dance while in high school, or the older dancer wanting to get back into dance! Open to anyone ages 14+ no experience required. 

**At this time we are not offering any teen classes

(Subject to change)

Adult Classes: 18+
New! We will be offering adult classes! We have been asked countless times to offer classes for graduates, young adults and parents!
Our adult class will rotate weekly between these styles:
Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary/Lyrical!
No experience required, just come and let loose. A discussion to whether or not a routine will be in the recital will take place between the teacher and students signed up for the class.
**At time time we are not offering any adult classes
(Subject to change)
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