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Competitive Team

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Premier Dance Academy is proud to offer dancers the opportunity to dance competitively!!


Dancing competitively provides dancers with multiple stage and performance opportunities, which builds confidence and develops stage presence. 


Premier Dance Academy attends 4 competitions per year, travelling to a variety of different locations such as Peterborough, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Brantford, Collingwood, Burlington, Toronto, and Richmond Hill.


We always offer additional, optional competitions for those dancers who are eager to attend more than 4 competitions.


Each year we hold 2 competitive showcases, our first of two showcases is in January/February and is a closed rehearsal. This grants dancers the chance to perform on the stage, without an audience. PDA teachers are present to provide constructive corrections and help dancers improve. 


Our second showcase is held in February/March. Dancers get another chance to perform on stage, and the audience is filled with family and friends. We strongly believe it is important to have multiple performances before our dancers head off to competitions.


All showcases are mandatory for each dancer on the competitive team. Dates for the upcoming season will be given out 1-2 weeks after auditions


Premier Dance Academy teachers work hard to provide the latest, trending and challenging choreography for the dancers. Competitive dances are started early in the year to ensure that all dancers are well prepared when they are taken to competition.


Anyone is welcome to audition for our competitive team, and we are always encouraging new dancers to try it out. Our competitive team is a fun, rewarding, and exciting experience!


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